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CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant and is extracted from the cannabigerol that occurs in higher concentrations than the THC, the main active ingredient found in marijuana. Cannabidiol, also called CBD, is a small molecule found naturally in hemp plants. It accounts for approximately 40% of the total plant extract and is one of only eleven known phytocannabinoids in marijuana. Because it is a small molecule, CBD has few health benefits when compared to other types of cannabis.

It is currently being investigated for several health benefits including the use for cancer and HIV/AIDS treatment. The medical community is particularly interested in the possible use of CBD for the treatment of glaucoma, epilepsy, and Alzheimer's disease. However, studies have shown that the chemical is very similar to other chemicals found in marijuana, meaning there is little reason to believe CBD can not be used safely and legally without the danger of addiction. Although the results of these studies are inconclusive at this point, many doctors are interested in exploring the potential for CBD as a possible alternative to conventional medication. It seems that when CBD is used in combination with a regular dose of marijuana, it may offer some relief to those who suffer from these ailments. As long as the two are taken separately, it is unlikely to cause any adverse effects.

While it may seem unlikely, there is evidence to suggest that CBD can also provide some health benefit in relieving nausea, spasms, and muscle pain. Research is currently underway to test the effects of CBD on the nervous system in humans and to determine the exact physiological and psychological effects of the chemical. The results of these studies will determine whether or not the CBD should be considered as an effective treatment for the chronic pain that sufferers of arthritis are suffering from.